Gas thieves are drilling into gasoline tanks how to prevent this from happening to you!

Gas tank holes

It’s pretty frustrating to go to the gas station to fill your vehicle with gas

and have the gasoline pour right out of the bottom of the tank as you are

pouring it into the top of the tank.

Thieves are bypassing the gas cap all together since it is so easy to get a

locking gas cap. Now they are drilling holes right into the bottom of the tank.

Here are a few ways to try and prevent this from happening to you:

  1. Park in well-lit garages or driveways instead of the street.
  2. You can also install motion-sensitive security lights which could deter some would-be thieves.
  3. In addition, report any suspicious persons or activity occurring in parking lots.

Contractors, Are you ready to set Sail with an Inland Marine Policy?

Initially you may think that an Inland Marine policy is some kind of boating insurance, in reality it is one of the most varied types of Property & Casualty insurance. The coverage was provided to protect goods being transported over oceans, rivers and canals by merchants as early as the 16th Century.

Today, property being transported is still a major portion of Inland Marine coverage available but this line has expanded to include protection for the tools of your trade.
Most of today’s contractors have inadequate or no coverage to protect the investments they have made in the tools and equipment necessary to making a living.

Electrical Contractors Tool Van_full

Items of lessor value are listed as miscellaneous tools and coverage starts at about $65.00 a month, for up to $5,000.00 in total value.
An added feature to Inland Marine polices is that you can schedule larger pieces of equipment, like back hoes, that your are purchasing, leasing or even renting. The lender or lessor can be listed as an Additional Insured on the policy as well.
The coverage protects you from theft out of your vehicle but also extends to the job site as well.

Hurricane Katrina left us with half a roof!

It is important to have homeowners insurance. We all know that. But, did you know, it is even more critical that you have the proper amount of insurance. I speak from experience. After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, we were left with half a roof. So thankful we did not flood!

The first thing the insurance company said was, “You are underinsured!” As they walked through our home and discussed the amount of coverage we had, they quickly discovered that we were properly insured. Then they wanted to get a new roof on as fast as possible.

Review your policy with a licensed insurance agent you know and trust.House Roof Repair


Flying across the fresh powder…

The snowmobile was developed to move people and supplies, and for emergencies in regions where heavy snow prohibited the use of conventional vehicles.

 Snowmobile hauling

Today, snowmobiling has become a popular winter sport enjoyed by more than 2 million people of all ages in North America. There’s no better feeling than flying across fresh powder on your snowmobile.


Snowmobile’s can weigh in excess of 600 pounds and travel

at speeds exceeding 90 miles per hour!

Each year snowmobile accidents produce approximately

200 deaths and 14,000 injuries.

Make sure you have snowmobile insurance!

Spokane has some great places to snowmobile:

 Snowmobile Clubs/ Associations:

Winter Knights Snowmobile club